Elis Podlesakova

Hello, my future students! 😉

My name is Elis, I am a 27 year old girl coming from the Czech Republic, a small country situated in the heart of Europe and producing the best beer all over the world. 🙂 I am a language instructure and creator of these new websites where I would like to warmly welcome you.

The main reason why I have recently decided to create this type of websites and start sharing my language knowledge with other people, longing for learning a new language and thus opening a new door to other cultures and new life opportunities, was my enormous love to languages. I have realized that languages have become an essential part of my life so the only logical decision was to fully dedicate to my passion and also avoid that typical white collar office life. I am really glad that at my early age I have already realized that THE ONLY WAY HOW TO BE HAPPY IN YOUR LIFE IS TO DO WHAT YOU REALLY LOVE. 🙂  And that is the reason why you are reading these lines right now ....

I started with English in my early childhood and then continued with Spanish at grammar school. In those days I started to realize that the only subjects I adored and really looking forward to every day were foreign languages. My real language passion exploded at the university where I decided to start with Italian and I completely fell in love with Romance languages.

My language career began during my Bachelor´s degree at the university when I started working for the first language school as a language teacher and today I have more than 5 year experience in teaching languages and I am still educating myself - every single day I am studying grammar rules, read world news and create my own educational materials.

Elis Podlesakova

Meanwhile I study new and new languages and I haven´t finished yet, two weeks ago I started with Portuguese, half a year ago with German. 😀 Year after year I am improving my teaching methods at different language schools and centres but the most important things for me were, still are and certainly will always be very specific lessons tailored to the different requirements of my very different students and a very friendly and open relation which I maintain with them in order to motivate them and achieve excellent study results! :-). Since my very beginning I have been writing detailed notes for my students during every single lesson, before by hand and today on the computer but the system still remains practically the same no matter if via skype or personally. The result are my satisfied students who always come back and want to go on with me! 🙂

During my university studies I also began to cooperate with the Department of Romance Languages at my school and became a research member in some projects referring to the countries where Romance languages are spoken. Meanwhile I decided to face another big challenge when I chose Italian as a language of my future master´s thesis. Everybody was telling me: " You are really crazy", but I always answered : " Challenges are here to be overcome!" 😉

A very important breaking point in my life came nearly at the end of my Master's degree when I was provided with an amazing opportunity to spend six months in Mexico due to a study exchange programme. It was an unforgettable half a year during which I lived a neverending story of new adventures and experiences. I could study at a local Mexican university completely for free and learned something about a totally different educational system. I finally discovered that places with people having a permanent smile on their faces really DO exist! 🙂

As could be expected, my language passion came to light also in Mexico! The house where I lived was right oppossite the French Alliance so I had to start with a new language. It can seem to be for somebody a little bit crazy - a Czech person beginning with French in Mexico. But I am simply such a person - a girl doing all the time foolish things! 🙂

Elis Podlesakova
Elis Podlesakova

A very important and unexpected part of my Mexican adventure was a chance of having an internship in Guadalajara wherever I wanted! Due to my university field of study in the Czech Republic - Diplomacy and International Policy - I obviously preferred something related to diplomacy. The problem was that all those job opportunities weren´t possible due to the location of most ambassies and consulates in the capital, Mexico City. But I really refused to give up and suddenly it came!  My Mexican university informed me about the possibility of working for a local Consular Association associating more than 40 consules from all over the world!

Thanks to that internship my life turned upside down! I penetrated into the highest Mexican political sphere and could organize and therefore personally participate in consular conferences of a high importance. During that work experience I learned how to make a public speech in professional Spanish in front of such a respectable audience and realized that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE IF YOU DO YOUR BEST TO ACHIEVE IT! 🙂

Apart from languages, there is one another thing I really adore - it is travelling. A few years ago I discovered together with my boyfriend the best way of travelling ever! Going somewhere with a rucksack on your back and without any previous hotel or tour booking. Just you and your unplanned adventure ahead! 🙂 In the spirit of this idea I have already visited a great number of countries all over the world. I have travelled through Europe, Asia and have also discovered the beauties of Kenya or the Dominican Republic. 

I find travelling a really important part of life because IT OPENS YOUR EYES AND MIND! I am personally convinced that TRAVELLING MAKES PEOPLE BETTER thanks to the comparison of their life to the life of someone else living in different life conditions. Only after having travelled enough, and now I don´t mean staying in a hotel and lying all the time on a beach, you can really realize what you have and appreciate it. That is the reason why I can now say that I really don´t understand people who are always complaining about some marginal problems and in fact don´t realize what the life is about and how lucky they actually are. Abroad, paradoxically in the poorest countries, I have met the most modest and happiest people. Even if they don´t live our "luxurious lives", they dispose of something that people from rich countries often lack - humility and respect to others, ability to live and appreciate more everything that is day by day being wasted in rich countries. I have realized that THE REAL RICHNESS IS NOT ABOUT MONEY OR SUCCESS BUT ABOUT YOUR ATTITUDE TO LIFE!

Elis Podlesakova
Elis Podlesakova

Thanks to my abroad experience I have become interested in developing aid so if this new language project is successful, I would like to take adventage of it and support in some way educational system in the poorest countries of the world no matter how - e.g. giving free language lessons at schools or donating money for construction of new schools. I am convinced that everybody of us ought to help people who really deserve it and should try to contribute somehow to make our world better! 🙂

So, my future students, if there is somebody among you who would like to live similar experience and adventures with locals abroad or have similarly brave future plans, don´t hesitate and try language lessons with me! The more people decide to enlarge their language knowledge, the bigger is our language family and the better can be not only our life stories but also those ones of others.



Your future language instructor (hopefully) and a big language, Czech beer and food lover 🙂