Teaching via SKYPE is my first experience with this teaching method and I am really enthusiastic! There is no need to travel somewhere and you can just relax at home. Obviously it really depends on a language instructor and I have to say that I am very glad that I met Eliška. I finally found a language instructor who doesn´t prefer classical teaching - a textbook and exercises - but she prepares her own grammar materials, texts based on different topics. All these topics are therefore discussed during a lesson. I find this a really effective way of learning because I ahave a possibility to learn new vocabulary in practice and that is the reason why I can memorize it much better. All the notes are written into a special file by Eliška and I can see them due to a screen sharing. I have already started with English many times and it is only now I can say that there is A BIG PROGRESS in my English. I have to recommend skype lessons with Eliska to everyone!!!


I can definitely recommend Eliška! She radiates a very positive energy and enthusiasm! She really knows foreign languages and loves them what she transfers to her students. She also maintains a very friendly relationship with her students so communication is absolutely without any problems. As for my English, she perfectly prepared me for an international exam at B2+ level which I finally passed even if I hadn´t believed it before. 🙂


We thank Eliška for her Italian lessons which are a very big contribution for us both in private and working life. Her lessons are very funny and that is the reason why we really look forward to them. We also have to appreciate skype teaching which saves our time. Another big advantage of this method are notes written by Eliška which we can see during the whole lesson thanks to a screen sharing and which are sent to our e-mail right after every lesson serving as a great study material for the next lesson. This method is the best one we have tried so far! 🙂

Marcela & Kačka

After traditional lessons at different language schools where most teachers opt for textbooks/exercises method I decided for individual lessons with Eliška and it was a really good decision! Lessons with her are very amusing, they have a conception and move me ahead. Eliska listens to needs of her student, respects his goals and looks for the best ways how to reach them. Despite her friendly approach and effort to satisfy her students she doesn´t marginalize her requirements and makes her student work. She is interested in a feedback and takes it into consideration during the following lessons. Lessons are really effective and results can be seen and principally heard! 🙂 I am enthusiastic about the possibility of lessons via Skype because it enables me to improve my English from anywhere. With smile, joy and guaranteed result!


I was really satisfied with SKYPE lessons, everything was going without problems, lessons of a high quality, for both of us very comfortable. Thanks to Eliška I passed my school leaving examination in Italian. 🙂


When I suggested having Italian lessons during our German lessons via Skype to Mrs Eliska Podlesakova because I just wanted to start studying this lauguage a long time ago I was a little bit worried how it could work with respect to my visual defect - I am completely blind. But right during our first lesson I was pleasantly surprised how everything was well organised and prepared. During our lessons we improved some little details and I must say that I am really satisfied. Above all I really appreciate that Mrs Eliska Podlesakova manages to write everything she explains and teaches during our lessons and she sends a file with online written notes to my e-mail right after every lesson that then serves as study material instead of textbooks. I also appreciate that Mrs Eliska prefers traditional methods and she doesn´t try to use modern methods with which I had experience at the Faculty of Education and which I didn´t like at all.


Spanish with Eliska is amazing! She is able to explain everything very well, we agree on time, I can see that teaching is a big pleasure for Eliska and that is the reason why I like it as well!


I am really satisfied with Skype teaching, I don´t have to commute anywhere, I can stay comfortably at home. Eliska is a really nice person. She has a really good orientation in languages and she always knows what she is talking about. She is always able to explain whatever type of grammar problem I have and then she teaches it excellently. If I have no problem or I forget materials necessary for lessons she always has her own materials we can work with. I think that I wouldn´t be able to continue to the next school year without her.


There were several factors which led me to the decision of trying online language courses with Elis. The most important one was a very limited or even non-existent offer of individual Italian lessons in my region and also the fact that other language schools provide just courses beginning in September and not summer ones. Moreover, prices of common language courses at other schools in combination with transport costs would be so high that I didn´t want to accept it. And it is also important to mention how much time I would spend on way to such a school. With time freedom and possibility of studying actually from anywhere students feel well. I find online language courses very beneficial and I suppose that Elis´s prices are adequate. What I really appreciate about Elis is her very personal approach guaranteed thanks to individual lessons, that is to say just a student and a teacher having together a permanent discussion. According to my own experience I can say that Elis puts a big emphasis on an individual approach to every student and materials as well as a way of teaching itself is tailored to the needs of a student. Every question is always answered and there is no problem to go through the same grammar problem more than once. Student is provided with study materials right after every lesson. They are in electronic form so that student isn´t forced to buy any other study materials. The topic of every lesson is always predetermined but as I have already said the teacher always respects student´s needs. She enlarges vocabulary, she patiently explains any kind of grammar and also prepares a lot of exercises consolidating grammatical phenomenons already done. What I find a big advantage is Eliska´s permanent effort to refresh every lesson and her positive approach which is helpful to everyone who is trying to master in his eyes often hardly understandable parts of a language. If you also have lack of time, don´t want to spend hours on way to your school and prefer individual lessons to group ones, then I highly recommend you to choose online language courses. If you besides look for a patient teacher with a great sense of humour and a feel for languages, then online language courses with Elis should be the only choice for you! I wish you a nice day from anywhere!

TeresaSatisfied student of Italian language

What I really like about lessons with Eliska, among other things, is that despite her friendly attitude she is very methodical and she constantly exercises the parts of a language that I am not able to keep in my head. It´s also great that the output of every lesson isn´t just acquired knowledge but also a Word file with notes written during a lesson.